Grief Continues as Names of Orlando Victims Emerge

Many of those killed were simply out to party at a popular gay nightspot

U.S. Govt: NC LGBT Law Violates Civil Rights

The Justice Department has expressed opposition of state's discriminatory law

CPS Issues New LGBT Guidelines

New guidelines will support transgender students, employees and adults

LGBT Debate Results in NC Statehouse Arrests

Police arrested 54 protesters who came to voice opposition to the law late Monday

Obama: ‘Overturn NC LGBT Discrimination Law’

Law would greatly impact transgender individuals in state

Mississippi Authors Urge Repeal of Anti-Gay Law

Law would allow workers to refuse to serve LGBT members based on religious beliefs

NC LGBT Discrimination Law Backlash Heightens

Law bans trangendered persons from using bathroom of their choice

Mississippi Gov. Signs ‘Religious Freedom’ Law, Despite Opposition

Many say the new law amounts to allowing people to discriminate against LGBTs

Wrongfully Imprisoned Couple to Be Released

Couple was sentenced 20-25 years for alleged drug possession

NC Bans LGBT Discrimination Measures

Ordinance would've enabled transgender people to legally use restrooms aligned with their identity

Hate Crime? Gay Couple Scalded in ATL

Man charged with throwing scalding water on LGBT couple

Super Bowl 50: A Celebration of Intersectionality

Super Bowl fifty was big, Black and gay--and we were here for it

Yes I Date White Men, No I Don’t Hate Myself

Who I date does not define who I am

Obama Covers LGBT Magazine

He's the first president to be photographed for the cover

Judge: MD. Prison Mistreated Transgender Inmate

Victory forces prison system to better train guards on how to handle trans inmates

Clerk Jailed, Gay Couple Gets Marriage License

Couple first to receive a marriage license Friday morning in Rowan County

Ky. Clerk Jailed for Refusing LGBT Marriage Licenses

Defiant county clerk ordered to jail for contempt Thursday

Ky. Clerk Still Refusing to Issue Marriage Licenses

Clerk cites religious beliefs, "God's authority" for refusing gay couples right to marry

Breaking: Organizers Disrupt Clinton Event

Demand that polician take a stand with Black trans women

#BlackLivesMatter: Trans Liberation Tuesday

Actvists plan protests throughout the country in response to transgender murders

Book Excerpt: ‘Ladies Who Lunch & Love’

A tale of love, risks and going after your dreams