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Minn. Bill Would Allow Cities to Sue Protesters

Law is in response to protesters blocking I-94, the mall shutdown and activists occupying the 4th Precinct police station

Texas Reaches Deal on Weaker Voter ID Laws

Other states also have had election rules sidelined for the coming Nov. election

A.G. Loretta Lynch: N.C. Bathroom Law is Civil Rights Issue

In suing the state, she warned against repeating the discrimination that was fought against in the past

U.S. Govt: NC LGBT Law Violates Civil Rights

The Justice Department has expressed opposition of state's discriminatory law

LGBT Debate Results in NC Statehouse Arrests

Police arrested 54 protesters who came to voice opposition to the law late Monday

Mississippi Authors Urge Repeal of Anti-Gay Law

Law would allow workers to refuse to serve LGBT members based on religious beliefs

NC LGBT Discrimination Law Backlash Heightens

Law bans trangendered persons from using bathroom of their choice

State Rep. Moves to Revoke Player Scholarships

Bill would ban players from refusing to play

Oregon Begins Sale of Recreational Weed

Some of more than 250 dispensaries opened their doors soon after midnight

Report: 79% of Elected Prosecutors Are White Men

Fifteen states do not have a single Black prosecutor

51 Years Ago Today: The Civil Rights Act of 1964

The question of history repeating itself is prevalent.

UPDATE: Rick Ross Arrested for Kidnapping

The rapper is out of jail on $2 mil bond

Exonerated Man To Become Law School Grad

A tale of perseverance and rising beyond circumstance

Loretta Lynch Makes History

Sworn in as America's first Black female attorney general

Ind., Ark. Pass Revised Religious Freedom Laws

States become the latest in country to pass such laws

Verdict in Butt Enhancement Murder Case

Justice meted out on self-described "Michelangelo" of injections

Supreme Court to Decide Obamacare’s Intent

Do we have health care for all or health care for some?

Mississippi Judge Accused of Racial Abuse Indicted

Poll: Should the accused face jail time or a fine?

NYC officer pleads not guilty to Akai Gurley Death

Victim was fatally shot, Nov. 20

Indictment Issued for NYPD Officer

Police brutality caught on tape, will justice be served?

Trial Date Set For San Diego Rapper Over Lyrics

Rapper has no history of a criminal record