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Instagram Allows Users to Shop Without Leaving the App

Influencers set trends on social media, and popular social media network Instagram has unveiled a new initiative that will allow users to shop on their ...

Muah! It Looks Like Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Are ...

Couple spotting at Houston gas station showing mad PDA

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Still Won’t Confirm Their Relationship

Despite being seen wearing matching rings while out in L.A., couple remains mum about relationship

Designer Laina Rauma Is Upgrading All Of The Basics

Sexy and obnoxious clothing for the real, fake, training Barbies.

Look At Whose Boo’d Up!? Justine Skye Gets Cozy With ...

The young young starlet seems to be the latest R&B singer celebrity to start dating an athlete.

Judge Issues Bench Warrant for Rapper Tyga

Tyga owes former landlord over $480,000 in payments.

Kylie Brought Wigs Back? Really?

Ha! This chick and her silly self-assessment is in need of ALL the seats

WATCH: Tyga’s ‘Stimulated’

The video stars his lady Kylie Jenner

Round 2: Amandla Stenberg vs. Culture Appropriation

Actress continues to educate cultural appropriation offenders

Kylie Jenner Vs. Blac Chyna

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Kylie Jenner Responds to Ridiculous Challenge

In case you missed it, teens, (and adults) unfortunately, are trying the #KylieJennerChallenge. The star took to social media a couple of days ago to challenge ...

#KylieJennerChallenge has folks looking crazy

The challenges have got to end

Kylie Jenner Denies Blackface Claims

Tells everyone to "calm down"