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Kanye West Said He Would Have Voted for Who?

Yeezy revealed who he would have voted for in the 2016 election -- if he had voted.

Yeezy Taught Me: Kanye’s Social Skills Lesson

5 Lessons You Can Learn From this Sad Scenario

Kanye Takes Back Beck Comments

In latest interview, musician addresses controversial remarks regarding Beck

Listen: Big Sean Talks ‘Blessings’ On New Track

Through the clouds and smokey mirrors, can you still see the blessings?

Kanye West’s ‘808s’ Named Groundbreaking

Was the vulnerability on his 2008 album a causing shift in hip-hop?

WATCH: New ‘Top Five’ Trailer

Chris Rock comedy also features Kevin Hart, Tracy Morgan & Cedric The Entertainer

Kanye On Paparazzi Fight: A Civil Rights Movement

The rapper equates paparazzi fighting to sit-ins in the '60s

Decoding Kanye: The GQ Interview

The mind of Kanye may be puzzling, but it's always entertaining


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Kanye West Debuts Newest Line

The collaboration with APC features a white tee for $90

Kanye Completes Community Service

The rapper spent three hours at L.A. Trade Technical College

Kanye West vs Sway: The Musical

The interview of the year reborn as a trap tune