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Ashtiny Cleveland & Eric Roberts

Ashtiny is an elementary school principal. Eric is an attorney at his own firm.

Kenya Smith & Anthony Edwards

Kenya is director of digital ad sales and Anthony works in corporate security at Turner Broadcasting.

Brittany Adkins & Reginald Hazzard

Brittany is a mental health therapist for Delaware Guidance Services. Reginald is an asst. manager at Easy Spirit.

Tashena Gasaway & Frank Butler

Tashena is an account manager at LogistiCare. Frank is a warehouse manager at AkzoNobel.

Rowena Gilmore & Ricardo Vargas

Rowena is a special education secretary and Ricardo is a youth specialist/correctional officer at Cuyahoga Hills Juvenile Correctional Facility.

Helene & George Waters

Helene and George Waters are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

Jessica Lawrence & Shawn Rule

Jessica is an advertising executive for The Hancock Group. Shawn is a lease operator for Occidental Petroleum.

Amira May & Warren Woodruff

Amira and Warren are both dentists at Orchard Maple Family Dental.

Ceanitria Bynum & Willis Simmons Jr.

Ceanitria and Willis are civilian contractors for Weatherford Group and CGI Federal, respectively.

LaTonika Johnson & Terry Blackmon

LaTonika works in human resources at Sears. Terry is an academic registrar at Lane College.

Telly Walker & Ferndale Ratliff

Telly is a social worker at Seaside Behavioral Health. Ferndale is an assistant sales manager at Best Chevrolet.

Ronda Williams & Gregory Arline

Ronda is a probation officer for the Dept. of Juvenile Justice. Gregory is an independent distributor for Herbal Life

Tiesha Lampkin & Robert Lewis

Tiesha is a corporate group sales manager at Marriott Hotels & Resorts. Robert is a real estate investor at RPL Properties

L. Michele McDonald & James Bowman Jr.

Michele is a teacher in DeKalb County Schools. James is a sales representative for Orkin

Nyahiri Gikuuri & Jeffrey Dozier

Nyahiri is a food and nutrition field manager for Orange County Public Schools. Jeffrey is a leadership development and training manager for Hilton Grand

Kimberly Bugg & Joseph Allen

Kimberley is a librarian at Villanova University. Joseph is a project manager for Esquire Solutions.

Alberta & Calvin Lynch

Alberta and Calvin Lynch   50th Wedding Anniversary   Home: Pomona, California Alberta is a respiratory therapist for Casa Colima Hospital. Calvin retired from the ...

Stephanie Knight & Joseph Simpson II

Stephanie is a director of marketing/client relations and Joseph works in auditing and assurance services at Simpson & Simpson, LLP.

Dorothy & John Young

Dorothy and John Young are celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary.

Aida-Kai & Johnson and Jonathan Anderson

Aida-Kai is a social worker for Children’s Protective Services. Jonathan is a logistics supervisor for Bontaz-Centre USA.