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Laquan McDonald: Lawyer Wants Charge Dropped

Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke is charged with first-degree murder

Judge: No Records for Laquan McDonald Shooter

A judge denied Jason Van Dyke access to teen's juvenile records for second time

Officer Charged in LaQuan McDonald Shooting Seeks Guard

Jason Van Dyke has requested guard from sheriffs deputies as he enters and exits his court appearances

Laquan McDonald: Cop Wants to Skip Court

Defense says client is "Public Enemy No. 1"

Prosecutor Sought in Laquan McDonald Case

Cite "conflict of interest" with state's attorney's involvement in case

Cop in LaQuan McDonald Case Seeks Venue Change

Protesters planning to disrupt holiday travel in fight for justice

Chicago Protesters Stage Die-In at City Hall

Chicago is adamant about change; wants Rahm out

No Resignation for Mayor Rahm Emanuel

After firing city's police superintendent, mayor faced with tough questions

Chicago LaQuan McDonald Protests Paying Off?

Video recap reveals exactly how protesters locked down the Magnificent Mile

Chicago Mayor Announces Police Task Force

Task Force on Police Accountability created in response to Laquan McDonald case

Bailed Out: Officer Charged in Laquan McDonald Shooting

Tensions rise as officer Van Dyke is released

Chicago Activists Meet to End City’s Injustices

Chicago activists hold court to tackle citywide issues and injustices

LaQuan McDonald: City Preps for More Protests

Officials gearing up for more protests in city

Video of LaQuan MCDonald Shooting Released

City of Chicago bracing for fallout after public sees this footage