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Autopsy Planned for Girl Shot By Constable

12-year-old girl shot as constable served dad eviction notice

Knicks Forward Derrick Williams Robbed

Star says two women he took home are responsible for the theft

Jan. 2017 Trial Date Set for Bland Suit

Wrongful death lawsuit filed by family on behalf of Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland Hearing Planned

Hearing in response to lawsuit filed by deceased woman's family

NYC Schools Calls Threat A Hoax

Nation's two largest school districts take different approaches to emailed threats

Alonzo Smith’s Death Ruled A Homicide

27-year-old Alonzo Smith was found unconscious, handcuffed

Black Lawmakers Push to Expand Federal Probe

Say scope of misconduct goes well beyond Chicago Police Department

Family of Tamir Rice Calls Out Prosecutor

Ask prosecutor to publicly disclose if he plans to seek charges

Freddie Gray: Alternate Replaces Ill Juror

Alternate Juror #1 replaces sick juror

DOJ to Investigate Chicago Police Department

Justice Department takes action

Motive Sought in San Bernardino Shooting

Investigators left to piece together reason for tragedy

No Resignation for Mayor Rahm Emanuel

After firing city's police superintendent, mayor faced with tough questions

Video of LaQuan MCDonald Shooting Released

City of Chicago bracing for fallout after public sees this footage

Hate Speech Investigated at Western Washington

Both campus and city police are investigating

CPD Supt. Moves to Fire Cop After Shooting

Dante Servin shot 22-year-old Rekia Boyd three years ago

Justice Dept. to Investigate Fatal Police Shooting

Lawyers will decide if video footage of fatal shooting will be released

Judge: Release Laquan McDonald Footage

Teen was shot more than a dozen times by CPD officer

Mother of Tamir Rice to Testify

Samiria Rice to go before a grand jury soon

Officers Identified in Fatal Police Shooting

Demonstrators call for police reform

Mayor Calls for Investigation into Minn. Shooting

Protester: "We're still not moving until we get that footage"