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Barack and Michelle Obama Drop-Off Malia at Harvard

Harvard University gained an elite celebrity on Tuesday when Black excellence times three strolled on campus for freshman move-in day.

Quadruplets Get Accepted To Ivy League Schools Harvard and Yale

Quadruplet brothers, Nigel, Zach, Aaaron and Nick Wade now have even more in common since all four have gotten accepted into Ivy League schools, Harvard ...

Hey Malia Obama Haters, Your Privilege Is Showing

[Opinion] Malia's going to Harvard, deal with it.

Harvard, UNC Sued Over Affirmative Action

Lawsuits claim race-based admission policies should be banned

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Post It Notes: Hottest Headlines on 4/28

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Harvard Accepts Record Amount of Black Students

The season of college acceptance is upon us

NY Student Accepted to All 8 Ivy League Schools

Congratulations to Kwasi Enin!

D.C. Teen Accepted to 5 Ivy League Schools

Avery Coffey has a tough choice ahead

Oprah Delivers Harvard Commencement Speech

Oprah receives honorary doctorate from Harvard, delivers university's commencement speech.

Soledad O’Brien Adresses White Critics

Former CNN morning show host Soledad O'Brien recently visited Harvard's Institute of Politics and spoke about her decision to confront racial issues with her Black ...