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Happy Headline: Toni Braxton’s Son Beats Autism

Great news and hope for mothers everywhere.

Happy Headline: Grad Gets $3M in Scholarships

High school senior sets CPS record.

102-year-old Dancer Sees Self on Film for First Time

"Don't mean a thing if it ain't got swing"

7-year-old Creates Afro Puff Super Hero

Today's happy headline is about self-love and encouragement

Watch: ‘Black-ish’ star Yara Shahidi In Action

Teen appears on "White Guy Talk Show"

Minn. Teen Accepted To 8 Ivy League Schools

This teen is on the road to success

Happy Headline: From Homeless To Harvard

Homeless veteran has truly turned her life around for the better

Happy Headlines: From Doorstep to Diploma

A testament of a mother's unconditional love

Happy Headlines: Kayden’s First Steps

This 2-year-old is steppin' out on faith

Happy Headline: Homeless Coder Launches App

Kudos on his innovation, Trees for Cars