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Gun Sales Up Among Blacks After Trump Win

Amid a spike in racial incidents since the election, many minorities have turned to gun purchases.

Steph Curry, NBA Stars Tackle Gun Violence in PSA

Spike Lee takes on directorial duties

Watch: Cops Hold Black Officers at Gunpoint

Four Black parole officers are suing police after being held at gunpoint

Uh Oh! Plaxico Burress in Tax Trouble

Former NFL star Plaxico Burress indicted on charges he failed to pay taxes

Police Fatally Shoot Man Over Toy Gun

Poll: Should toy guns be banned altogether?

“Stand Your Ground” Law Covers Warning Shots

Do you think the extension is more helpful or detrimental?

SMH: Lawmaker Ties Black Poverty to Chicken

You won't believe her explanation

No Guns Allowed

Panel discusses violence in our communities.

Celebrities Stand Up Against Gun Violence

By// Quassan Castro Every week, it seems gun violence is in the headlines.  As a matter of fact in Chicago, where JET is headquartered, there ...

Keeping it 140: Conservative Commentator, Harlem Gangsters and Kim Kardasian ...

Before I even begin this week’s Keeping it 140, I’d like to send my condolences to the family and fans of Roger Ebert, movie critic ...

Gunman exhorted white supremacists to act

OAK CREEK, Wis. — Wade Michael Page played in white supremacist heavy metal bands and posted frequent comments on Internet forums for skinheads, repeatedly exhorting ...