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Gunman Leaves 5 Dead at Fort Lauderdale Airport

A suspect is in custody, but authorities have not uncovered the motive in the incident

9 Wounded in Houston Shooting

Gunman later died at the scene, officials say

Uber Driver Responsible for Deadly Rampage

A Michigan man says he called police on an Uber driver who randomly shot several people on Sunday. Suspected gunman Jason Dalton was working as ...

Movie Gunman Thanks Charleston Shooter

"America as a whole is now the enemy"

Church Members, Pastor Hailed After Shooting

Pastor, members of congregation praised as heroes

The Latest on the TV Station Shooting

Breaking: Suspect dead from self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Suspect Dead After Tn. Theater Shooting

Incident comes just two weeks after Louisiana theater shooting that left three dead

Update on the La. Theater Shooting

3 dead, 9 wounded in deadly shooting

Louisiana Shooting Leaves 2 Dead

The shooting took place at the Grand Theatre in the city of Lafayette.

Update: The Latest on the Chattanooga Shooting

Gunman died after exchange of fire with police

4 Killed, 1 Wounded in Military Shooting

Gunman who launched attack killed on scene

Charleston Shooter: ‘Blacks Were Taking Over’

Former friend said shooter was an 'avowed racist.'

Minute by Minute: Updates On the #CharlestonShooting

A lone white gunman murdered nine Black churchgoers Wednesday

Authorities Investigate LAX Shooter

Feds looking into possible conspiracy connection

Navy Yard Shooter Dies, 12 Others Killed

Officials look into possibility of second shooter

Creflo Dollar Church Gunman Charged in ’01 Mosque Shooting

A man accused of killing a Creflo Dollar Church volunteer was charged more than a decade ago with a shooting at a mosque in Maryland, ...