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Blocked Report Warned of Prison Health Crisis

A prison health crisis is in full bloom and a report from a decade ago said it could have been prevented

Feds Call for Ferguson Police Database Check

Database contains the names of about 20,000 former officers who were pushed out of law enforcement

Big Brother is Watching, But Should We Care?

The US Government received the okay to review its citizen’s data in unprecedented amounts

DOE Threatens to Dock Man’s Social Security Check

Move comes over 'bogus' student loan debt

Millions Affected by Government Data Breach

Hackers steal more than 21 million social security numbers

Officials: Boko Haram Kill 25 in Northern Nigeria

Police force announces increased security as a result of ongoing attacks

The Crisis of Citizenship in the Dominican Republic

An uncertain future for many Haitian-born Dominicans lies ahead

‘Back’ to Haiti?

How to protest the deportation of Haitian-born Dominicans

A Call for Police Reform

Black business leaders say no to police killings

Ferguson City Manager Fifth Out Since Report

City manager encouraged aggressively ticketing drivers for revenue

Obama Seeks Laws on Data Hacking, Student Privacy

U.S. President will announce proposal Monday

Obama Announces $100M in Education Grants

Money will help prepare students for in-demand industries

Heating Bills on the Rise?

Read to find out how much more you might owe this winter

NAACP Opposes New York’s Soda Ban

NAACP joins the fight to block the New York soda-ban, citing that the new law disproportionately hurts minority-owned businesses.

A Real “High”-Profile Case: Federal Gov. Vs Largest Medical Marijuana ...

The nation’s largest medical marijuana dispensary sues federal prosecutors after attempts to shut down locations.

Government focuses on suicide prevention

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is urging a new focus on preventing suicides, especially among military veterans — and is beefing up the nation’s crisis ...