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Obama: Trump is ‘Unfit’ to Run Country

Obama says GOP nominee is "woefully unprepared" for White House

Obama condemns Trump’s U.S. criticism

President Obama will let the American people judge.

Wait, What? Ben Carson Donations Rise

GOP presidential hopeful's anti-Muslim comments yielded funds

Ben Carson Says Muslims Shouldn’t Be President

"I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation"

Obama Defies GOP; Vetoes Keystone

The president followed through with his threat

Obama Spurns GOP with Immigration Orders

Executive action spares nearly 5 million people in the U.S. illegally from deportation

House Approves Resolution to Sue Obama

The vote was 225 to 201

South Dakota Republicans Call to Impeach Obama

Delegates voted 191-176 in favor of the resolution

GOP Struggles to Recruit Black Voters, Candidates

Billionaire Koch brothers recently donated $25 million to the United Negro College Fund

Post It Notes: Hottest Headlines on 12/27

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House Votes to Cut Food Stamps

$4 billion a year would represent a 5 percent cut to the critical program

Investigation Request of Beyoncé, Jay-Z Cuba Trip

Leave it to power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z to turn a sweet anniversary retreat into an international scandal. According to HipHopWired, two Florida Republicans have ...

RNC to Spend $10 to Reach Minorities

Reeling from back-to-back presidential losses and struggling to cope with the country's changing racial and ethnic makeup, the Republican National Committee plans to spend $10 ...

Fox News Hires Herman Cain, No Surprise There

Herman Cain joins Fox News as a contributor, says he's "excited" about the opportunity.

Leaked Memo Urges GOP to Say ‘Undocumented Immigrants’

A prominent center-right group working to bring more Latino voters to the Republican Party sent out a memo urging the GOP to start referring to ...

House GOP Seeks to Defuse Debt Crisis

With tacit support from President Barack Obama, House Republicans were moving Wednesday to try to defuse a potential debt crisis with legislation to prevent an ...

GOP Candidate Among 3 Killed in W.Va. Weather

A West Virginia legislative candidate is the third person in the state reported to be killed in accidents related to weather from superstorm Sandy.

Ark. GOP calls candidates’ statements ‘offensive’

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Arkansas Republicans tried to distance themselves Saturday from a Republican state representative’s assertion that slavery was a “blessing in disguise” and ...

Celebs tweet about Eastwood at RNC

A sampling of celebrity tweets in response to Clint Eastwood’s odd conversation with an invisible President Barack Obama in an empty chair before the Republican National ...

Trouble with the chair: Clint mocked for RNC bit

Eastwood's awkward performance hotter Twitter topic than Romney's acceptance speech