Tag: Freddie Gray

#More4Bmore Seeks to Combat Media Stereotypes

Online campaign seeks to bring peace to the city

Read: Loretta Lynch’s Statement on Baltimore

Condemns "senseless acts of violence" by some individuals in the city

National Guards Called To Baltimore

The first time the National Guard was called in to quell unrest in Baltimore since 1968

Maryland Gov. Declares State of Emergency

Violent clashes erupt in response to Freddie Gray death

Baltimore Riots Escalate

Protester: "We're going to keep demanding justice."

Violence Erupts following Freddie Gray Funeral

Anger and volatile pursuits escalate in Baltimore

#BlackLivesMatter: The Never 21 Project

Protesters switched shirts on store's mannequins in protest of police brutality

Thousands Expected At Freddie Gray Funeral

Gray's death has prompted near-daily demonstrations

Mourners Gather for Freddie Gray

Baltimore protesters continue to push for justice

Protests Grow In Response to Freddie Gray Death

Movement expected to get stronger

Justice Department Investigates Freddie Gray Case

Gray's spinal cord severed while in custody

Cops Suspended After Breaking Man’s Spine

Autopsy: Freddie Gray died from a broken spine