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Flint, Mich. Homeowners Might Receive Foreclosures Over Unpaid Water Bills

Yes, the Flint water crisis is still going on three years later and things haven’t exactly gotten better. In fact, to add insult to injury, ...

Flint, Mich. Is Still Without Water and Little Miss Flint ...

Flint, Mich. has been without water for the past three years due to lead being found in the city’s water supply in 2014. Since then, ...

Judge Rules Flint Lawsuit Can Proceed

The suit claims government officials covered up toxicity in the water supply

Lead Poisoning: The Real Health Risks

The health dangers Flint residents face

Big Sean Responds to Flint Water Crisis

The Detroit rapper launches campaign

Flint Water Crisis: A Video Explainer

The trouble started when the city switched systems from Detroit

Michigan Governor Asks Obama for Emergency Declaration in Water Crisis 

Gov. Snyder has asked President Obama amid the drinking water crisis in Flint

Top 10 Most Violent Cities List 2013

Flint, Mich. is ranked the highest in violent crimes in the country.