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Obama Vows to Press Ahead on Fiscal Cliff Solution

President Barack Obama says he'll press ahead with Congress in hopes of preventing across-the-board tax increases set to strike taxpayers Jan. 1 after House GOP ...

Fed is Expected to Launch New Bond Buying Program

With a nervous eye on the "fiscal cliff," the Federal Reserve (The Fed) is expected this week to announce a new bond-buying plan to support ...

Obama Takes “Fiscal-Cliff” Campaign to Middle-Class

President Barack Obama iis taking his "fiscal-cliff" campaign to the home of a family in Northern Virginia on Thursday to illustrate the impact of letting ...

Tavis Smiley On The Fiscal Cliff: ‘Put Poor People First’

Tavis Smiley urges President Obama to "put poor people first," in the face of America's fiscal cliff crisis.

Obama to Meet With Labor, Business Leaders

President Barack Obama is inviting leaders from the labor and business communities to the White House this week for talks on the so-called fiscal cliff

Obama, GOP Leaders Lay Down Markers on Budget Deal

The President is preparing for an upcoming showdown with congressional Republicans over finances.