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Reports on Trump, Russian Ties Surface

Reports suggest country had compromising information that could lead to blackmailing president-elect

Charleston Shooter Reached Out to Other Racists

Dylann Roof tried to meet with other White supremacists through a racist website.

Violent Crime Sees Increase, Report Says

The FBI' Uniform Crime Report shows blip in violent crime trend

Woman Gets 12 Years for Trying to Join ISIS

Prosecutors say Jaelyn Young, a former honor student, had aligned herself with the terrorists along with her fiance

Woman Charged with Murder Placed on FBI List

Shanika Minor, accused of killing her mother's neighbbor, is now the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list

FBI To Release Pulse Shooter Conversations

29-year-old Omar Mateen killed 49 people in an LGBT nightclub last Sunday

Taking Out ‘Empire’ One Lyon At A Time

Meet Morocco Omari. His FBI agent character could mean trouble for Lucious.

Friend of Charleston Shooter Pleads Guilty

Friend failed to report a crime and lying to federal investigators

San Bernardino Victim’s Stepfather Backs Apple

Clay Eatmon says order to hack into shooter Syed Farook's iPhone is giving in to fear

Big Brother is Watching, But Should We Care?

The US Government received the okay to review its citizen’s data in unprecedented amounts

FBI: Divide Between Police, Minorities Widens

James Comey said there's a crisis in big cities across the country

FBI to Collect Better Data on Police Shootings

Will also target use of force statistics

FBI Releases Statistics, Impact of Weed Arrests

Statistics reveal arrests, impact of marijuana possession on offenders

Dylann Roof’s Friend Charged With Lying

Friend lied to FBI, concealed information

Officials Release Sandra Bland Toxicology Report

Bland was found dead in the Waller County jail on July 13

FBI ‘Unsure’ If Charleston Attack Was Terrorism

Director's viewpoint vastly different from Eric Holder's

Minute by Minute: Updates On the #CharlestonShooting

A lone white gunman murdered nine Black churchgoers Wednesday

Rikers Island Guard Kicked Inmate to Death

Conspired with two others about what happened in 2012 incident

Postal Service Says it is Victim of Hacking Attack

The FBI and other federal agencies are investigating

NFL to Look into its Handling of Ray Rice Case

Source claims he sent an NFL exec the video in April