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Sometimes You Just Need Your Mama! Is Chance The Rapper ...

Paying rent is trash, even if you’re one of the most successful artists in the hip-hop game.

When Your Family’s Biological Clock is Ticking

"I probably need to get on that before my cute Cabbage Patch Kids become my babies for real"

Morbid Selfie Gets Funeral Director in Trouble

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Campaign Seeks to Dispel Myths of Black Fathers

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Happy Headline: Keyshia Cole Found Her Pops!

Sounds like a peaceful and exciting union!

Talk Back: Tough Love

Sometimes the greatest love is letting go

Preparing for Your Parents’ Retirement

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Family Battles for Church Founder’s Estate

Family accuses church organization of hiding money and records

Top 5 Advantages of Flying Solo for the Holidays

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Video Shows Tamir Rice Shooting Aftermath

Family of child shot by Cleveland officer files amended lawsuit

3 Reasons Why Your Wife May Not Respect You

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Apostle R. D. Henton Remembered at Funeral

Religious leaders and gospel artists gather to remember the legacy of Apostle Richard D. Henton.

Why New School Married Folks Get on My Nerves!

4 Areas of Improvement for #BlackLove 2.0

Coming Soon: A Second Serving of ‘Soul Food’

Could there ever really be enough food for the soul?

Freddie Gray Family Settles With Baltimore

City to pay out $6.4 million in wrongful death suit

Trial Set for Brown Family Suit Against Ferguson

Ferguson attorney wants lawsuit thrown out

Shaun King Addresses Race Accusations

'This, in and of itself, is a form of violence.'

Love Advice: Dating the ‘Nice Guy’

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Allergy-Free Recipe: Summertime Sticky Wings

Check out this grill-friendly allergy-free recipe now!

Sandra Bland’s Family Sues State Trooper

Says they were unable to get enough information about the case

Nick Gordon Emails Bobby Brown

Contacts star in hopes of attending Bobbi Kristina funeral