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‘Loosely Exactly Nicole’ Is Moving To Facebook

MTV canceled Nicole Byers’ Loosely Exactly Nicole this year, and we all gave the network a collective eye roll.

Does Facebook Target Ads for When You Need A Boost ...

How many times have you been scrolling the Internet online shopping, clicking on items you’re interested in and then log onto Facebook, and see ads ...

Facebook Killer Steve Stephens Found Dead In Pennsylvania

The three-day manhunt for Steve Stephens came to end late Tuesday morning.

Official Fired After Racist Michelle Obama Post

Woman reportedly called the First Lady an "ape in heels"

Facebook Shuts Down Discriminatory Advertising

The social media giant is getting rid of ads that exclude particular racial groups

Facebook Draws Dakota Pipeline Protesters

The social network is being used as a tool by demonstrators

Is Facebook Letting Advertisers Exclude by Race?

The social media giant is fending off questions about discrimination among its advertisers

Facebook Video on Violence Get Ex-Miss Ala. in Trouble

Officials at an Alabama TV station were alarmed over Kalyn Chapman James video in which she called the Dallas shooter a "martyr"

Chicago Man Murdered Live on Facebook

28-year-old Antonio Perkins was gunned down Wednesday evening

Woman’s Hilarious ‘Beard Prayer’ Is Perfect

"Father God...thank you for placing these hair follicles on these men faces"

Shady: Facebook vs the Shade Room Page

Looks like the brand is in temporary jail, but when will they break out?

Universal’s Race-Based Marketing Strategy

Universal Pictures made different trailers to target specific races

Mark Zuckerberg Calls Out Racist Employees

"We expect everybody to treat each other with respect"

Beyond Brookfield: 5 Dumb Things To Stop Online

Social media is liberating, but let's not lose our minds

Asst. Prosecutor Resigns After Rude Remark

When taking it too far catches up with you

You Got Served: Divorce via Facebook

A unique use of social media

Do You Have to Facebook “Friend” Co-Workers?

You can say no, but be aware of the consequences