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Dylann Roof’s Victims’ Kin Speak, Offer Forgiveness

While some curse the White supremacist, others brought a message of Christian forgiveness.

Charleston Shooter Reached Out to Other Racists

Dylann Roof tried to meet with other White supremacists through a racist website.

Dylann Roof Convicted in S.C. Killings

The jury convicted him on federal hate crimes charges with almost no case presented by his defense

Charleston Shooting Survivor Testifies Vividly

The emotional description of the killing was enough to end court proceedings for the day.

Charleston Shooting Court Case Intensifies

Evidence and testimony does not seem to be in in Dylann Roof's favor.

Prosecutor Fears Dylan Roof May Escape Death Penalty

A state prosecutor is skeptical of federal willingness to apply the punishment

Feds to Seek Death Penalty Against Dylann Roof

The Justice Department said it was compelled by the heinous nature of the crime

Newsflash: No Country for Clueless, Biased Media

Incomplete coverage of Charleston catches a beatdown