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New US Dept. of Education policies hamper Black college enrollment

The U.S. Department of Education quietly changed how it evaluated the credit of parents applying for a federal PLUS loan.The greater scrutiny affected families and ...

Presidents Fired From Universities in D.C, Baltimore

School presidents from the University of D.C. and Baltimore City Community College were respectively fired.

Teen Gets Perfect Score on SAT

By//Kendra Cusic There have been countless depressing stories in the media about violence and under performing school systems as of late. However, the inspiring story ...

Spelman College Drops Sports Program

Spelman College drops athletics for fitness program.

Chicago Schools Bribe Parents With $25 Gift Cards

Chicago Public Schools offering $25 Walgreens gift cards to parents for involvement.

Teacher uses multicultural dolls to establish heritage

Robin Hickman uses dolls depicting a variety of races and nationalities to create new role models for children.

Most intriguing presidential debate issue?

While the presidential debates start on Oct. 3, the country waits to hear President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s thoughts on the biggest issues facing ...

Magic Johnson opens program for high school dropouts

By// Mariah Craddick NBA legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson has opened a new school in downtown Atlanta for dropouts and at-risk high school students. The Magic ...

Chicago teachers vote to return to schools

Union delegates voted to suspend the strike; classes could resume Wednesday.

Million Father March this Saturday

By// Mariah Craddick The 2012 Inland Empire Million Father March takes place this Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012, in Riverside, California. Street Positive CEO and Million ...

Black education trend: virtual schools

By// Julius Rea Statistics show that Black kids drop out of school at a higher rate. What’s not so clear is why or how to ...