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Nebraska Hospital: Surgeon with Ebola has Died

Dr. Martin Salia died of the disease on Monday

Surgeon With Ebola Coming to US for Care

Dr. Martin Salia is being treated at a Nebraska hospital

Doctor Who Had Ebola Leaves NYC Hospital

Dr. Craig Spencer had been last Ebola patient under treatment in the U.S.

Nurse Who Had Ebola Leaves Hospital

Amber Vinson has been declared free of virus

After 1st Ebola Case in NYC, 3 Others Quarantined

Dr. Craig Spencer returned to New York from Guinea a week ago

CDC Releases Revised Ebola Gear Guidelines

Agency will demonstrate the techniques in New York

US Officials Defend Ebola Response

The first nurse stricken in the U.S. has been moved to a facility in Maryland

Are You At Risk For Ebola?

The top 5 facts you need to know

Officials: 2nd Person Tests Positive for Ebola

Nurse flew across the Midwest aboard a commercial airliner

Dallas Nurse with Ebola Gets Blood from Survivor

Nina Pham was among about 70 staff members who treated Thomas Eric Duncan

Dallas Health Worker Tests Positive for Ebola

It is the first known case of the disease being contracted or transmitted in the U.S

WHO: Ebola Death Toll Rises to More than 4,000

All but nine deaths were in the three worst-affected countries

Post-It Notes: Hottest Headlines on 10/8

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1st Ebola Patient Diagnosed in the US dead

Thomas Eric Duncan died Wednesday morning

US Health Providers Expand Ebola Precautions

Hospitals nationwide have been put to the test with false alarms

US to Begin Safety Testing Ebola Vaccine

The virus has killed 1,552 people in West Africa

WHO: Ebola Outbreak is a Public Health Emergency

It is the largest and longest outbreak ever recorded of Ebola