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Dwyane Wade Sells Sitcom to FOX

Stay tuned for "Three the Hard Way"

Wade’s World Foundation 10th Anniversary

Dwyane Wade travels back to hometown for big celebration

Dwyane Wade Visits Chicago

Basketball star celebrates 10 years of his Wade's World Foundation

8 Worst Celebrity Breakups

Dwyane Wade's ex isn't the only scorned lover.

Dwyane Wade Surprises Fan at Prom

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade gives a fan the surprise of a lifetime on her prom night.

Dwyane Wade on Fatherhood, Co-Parenting, More

Dwyane reveals why fatherhood is important to him, his goal for peaceful co-parenting, hopes for more children and more.

Best Sports Books of 2012

By// Kendra D. Cusic What do Dwyane Wade and Michael Vick have in common? Yes, they are super star athletes, but they’ve also added the ...

Exclusive: Dwyane Wade Writes About Obama’s importance

While stumping with Gabrielle Union for Barack Obama, Dwyane Wade wrote and exclusive essay for JET about the President Obama's power in all of its ...

Wade: LeBron made Games seem ‘effortless’

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — All LeBron James has done so far this year is win the NBA’s MVP award for the third time, an NBA ...