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How Donald Trump Got ‘Locker Room Talk’ Wrong

Trump was having a vulgar conversation, but it wasn't "locker room" talk

Chicago Politicians Want to Dump Trump Sign

Pols also mock Republican candidate's insulting Chicago crime "solutions"

Trump Hotel Tagged With ‘Black Lives Matter’

A video of the act of vandalism was also caught on camera

You Won’t Believe What Don King Said…

A collective deep sigh appears to be in order

Trump Camp: Yes, Obama Was Born in U.S.

The GOP presidential candidate blamed Hillary Clinton for starting the "birther" movement

#CBCFALC16: What’s at Stake in the Next Admin?

At the National Town Hall, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation conference weighed in

Trevor Noah Delivers THE Best Viral Rant On Trump

Daily Show hosts delivers the ultimate verbal smack down

Colin Powell Rips Donald Trump in E-Mails

The former Secretary of State had some serious criticisms, a leaked e-mail shows

Clinton to Open More Records on Her Health

The Democratic nominee is surrounded by questions on her wellness after an abrupt exit

Donald Trump to Visit Black Church

In a last minute attempt to reach out to Black voters, Trump adds Detroit church to campaign stop

MLK Assassination Image Used in Anti-Trump Ad

Ads uses sensitive moment in history to diss Trump

Black Republican: Trump Drops Ball on Black Outreach

At least one Trump supporter says he could do better with his outreach to the Black electorate

Trump: Democrats Have ‘Betrayed African-Americans’

"The Democratic Party has failed and betrayed the African-American community"

Obama Urges Democrats To Rally Behind Clinton

President called for political party to stay engaged, active in election

Hillary Clinton Releases Tax Returns

Clinton to Trump: Put up or shut up!

Trump Dismisses Rumors Regarding RNC Rift

Donald Trump to RNC: "If you cut me off, I'll cut you off"

Trump Backpedals on Obama ISIS Comments

GOP presidential nominee claims remarks about president, ISIS were sarcastic

Trump Blames Obama for ISIS

Presidential contender outwardly accuses President Obama of founding terrorist group

RNC Hires Three New Black Strategists

RNC hires three new African American outreach strategists to expand diversity amongst voters

Clinton Leading Trump In Recent Polls

Clinton's lead is stronger amongst college educated white women than men with 57-38 results 23 points ahead of her rival.