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Post It Notes: Hottest Headlines on 5/9

Catch up on the hottest headlines

Dick Parsons Named Interim Clippers CEO

Congratulations to the former Time Warner chairman!

Attorney: Shelly Sterling Wants to Keep Clippers

Do you think she should retain ownership?

V. Stiviano & The Myth of the “Gangsta” Gold-digger

Think Donald Sterling's alleged mistress has it made? Think again

What Year is This? Racist Rants at Hockey Game

Player P.K. Subban target of racial slurs after Bruins loss

LA NAACP Head Quits Amid Fury Over Sterling Honor

Leon Jenkins had planned to give Clippers owner "Lifetime Achievement" Award

Rap Is Not to Blame for Donald Sterling

Opinion: Deep-seated beliefs, not radio rap, created this monster

Post It Notes: Hottest Headlines on 4/29

Catch up on the hottest headlines

NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life

Punishment comes in response to racist comments

NAACP Forgives Donald Sterling, Do You?

Organization announces it is willing to work with the Clippers owner

What Can the NBA Do to Donald Sterling?

Sports expert on what can legally be done to the Clippers owner

Sponsors Pull Support of Clippers

Companies such as State Farm and Red Bull bow out amid scandal

Can Clippers Fans Unite for the Greater Good?

Opinion: Fans need to abandon the team in light of controversy

NAACP Will Not Honor Donald Sterling

Another casualty in the Clippers controversy

President Obama On Clippers Controversy

Commander-in-chief's words on "ignorant folks"

Donald Sterling: Team Owner or Slave Owner?

Opinion: Racist rant comes from another era