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San Bernardino School Shooting A Murder-Suicide Due to Domestic Violence

It seems like every week a mass shooting is in the news, which is further proof of the need for gun control in this country. ...

Love Hurts: How Society Justifies Domestic Abuse

Many will justify abuse with love, but you never should

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14-year-old charged with aggravated murder, killing "abusive" father

Details Emerge on Fatal Chicago Train Stabbing

The victim and her assailant were reportedly quarreling about a child

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Video: Ray Rice Speaks Out

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Ray Rice Case Dismissed, What’s Next?

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Panthers’ Greg Hardy Sees Case Dismissed

Update on domestic violence charge

Jagged Edge Member Arrested

Singer charged with aggravated assault against fiancée

NFL Improperly Disciplined Ray Rice

The initial two-game suspension was insufficient

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Ray Rice's wife tells Matt Lauer what really happened

Jeffery Taylor Suspended For Domestic Violence

The Hornets' Forward has been suspended for 24 games without pay

NFL Suspends Peterson for Rest of Season

Vikings running back had been on paid leave since Sept. 17.