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Doctor Discriminated Against on Delta Airline?

Dr. Tamika Cross said she was rejected from assisting a passenger in need of medical assistance

FL Teen Who Posed As Doctor Arrested Again

Malachi Love-Robinson posed as doctor, treated patients in Florida for several months

Police: Teen Practiced Medicine Without License

18-year-old teen opened practice, treated patients illegally

A Message for Teens About Sexual Choices

(Opinion) Dr. Goodall-McDonald urges teens to think before they act

The Top 5 Tests You Need This Year

Tips to stay healthy in 2014

Poll: Doc Diagnoses “Ghetto Booty”

And in this-man-is-watching-too-many-ratchet-reality-shows news, an actual licensed medical professional in Tennessee, who is White, diagnosed an African American woman with “ghetto booty” after she came ...