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The New ‘Power Rangers’ Film Just Made History, But It’s ...

As soon as the casting for the upcoming Power Rangers flick was announced, it shattered expectations and broke new ground in superhero films with its ...

Disney’s Live-Action ‘Aladdin’ Might Actually Get This Whole Diversity Thing ...

Disney is not playing any games with their live-action flicks, Beauty and the Beast hits theaters this week, an all-Asian cast Mulan has been set ...

$3.4M in Grants Awarded to Diverse Entrepreneurs

Charitable foundation plans to disperse funds over a three-year period

#NewRules: Diversity Must Be Present for BAFTA Eligibility

Here's how the academy plans to beef up diversity in film

Black Workers File Suit Against CNN, Time Warner

Turner Broadcasting Company also listed in suit

National Parks Make Push for Diversity

As the U.S. population of color increases, the National Parks Service wants to attract various ethnicities

Cory Booker Among Clinton’s VP Finalists

The New Jersey Senator plays coy towards VP rumors

Melanin Shines in 68th Annual Emmy Nominations!

Now, this is an award show worth watching!

Black Actors Make History At the Tony Awards

Looks like Hollywood needs to take a cue from Broadway.

Diversity Without Power Is Still Not Enough

What's wrong with this picture?

J.J. Abrams Is Diversifying Hollywood

Upcoming film will be directed by and stars Black talent

Yep…Hollywood is Still ‘Whitewashed’

New study to be released further confirming lack of diversity for various groups

Meryl Streep’s Take on Diversity

At a certain point, some celebs should just NOT talk and stick to their art

Diversity Advocate Hank Williams Dies

Williams known to champion diversity in the tech industry

Curly Haired Emojis are Happening!

DOVE upgrades their "Love Your Curls" campaign with new diverse emojis

Pen Pal System Used As Substitute for Diversity

“You don’t need to have diversity within one building"

In Response to #BoycottStarWarsVII

Dear racist white geeks, please sit down!

Left Out: Why Workplace Diversity Matters

Diversity in the workplace is necessary, especially for women of color

Diversity In The Writer’s Room

Hollywood is trying something new with TV Diversity Programs. Sink or Sail?

Matt Damon! Just. Stop.

Diversity from a privileged White perspective...yeah... #TryAgain