Tag: discrimination

Army Finally Lifts Ban on Dreadlocks

Army changes policy to open "the doors for more talent"

Study: Discrimination Affects Minorities’ Financial Decisions

Individuals who are discriminated against are likely to overestimate their exposure to risks, such as income risks

Facebook Shuts Down Discriminatory Advertising

The social media giant is getting rid of ads that exclude particular racial groups

Delta: Another Case of Doctor Discrimination?

Second doctor comes forward with claims of discrimination

Doctor Discriminated Against on Delta Airline?

Dr. Tamika Cross said she was rejected from assisting a passenger in need of medical assistance

Woman Displays Horrors of Police Brutality

Woman's yard is filled with decorations that depict victims of police shootings

Buy Black: Innclusive

Black-owned AirBNB alternative makes waves as it prepares for grand opening

Report: Education, Status Doesn’t Fix Wage Gap

A new report by economists highlights the expansion of wage inequality

Black Students Attacked at American University?

Black college freshman says a banana was hurled at her by two white students

Airbnb Announces New Anti-Discrimination Policy

The homesharing company is rolling out changes over the next couple of months

Chef Refuses Service to Va. Cop

Cop says she was unfairly treated while visiting establishment

Eric Holder to Help Fight Airbnb Discrimination

Former leader of the Justice Department to help renting service combat discrimination

Dining While Black

One man's story of being denied once again for the color of his skin

North Carolina Voter ID Law Upheld

Critics of the law says it unfairly targets minority voters

Mississippi Authors Urge Repeal of Anti-Gay Law

Law would allow workers to refuse to serve LGBT members based on religious beliefs

NC LGBT Discrimination Law Backlash Heightens

Law bans trangendered persons from using bathroom of their choice

NC Bans LGBT Discrimination Measures

Ordinance would've enabled transgender people to legally use restrooms aligned with their identity

Study: Discrimination Linked to Poor Health

Continuous discrimination can impact one's health

Fired for Being Black? Howard Student Wins Suit

What year is this?! Restaurant owner accused of preferring blonde servers

Spirit Airlines Accused of Discrimination

Black passengers accuse flight attendant of racism