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Fidel Castro, Defiant Cuban Leader, Dies

The controversial figure led the island nation for decades, maintaining the last stronghold of communism in the West.

Hurricane Matthew Takes Aim at Haiti, Jamaica

The powerful storm could do severe damage in the Caribbean

U.S. Commercial Travel to Cuba Restarts

The first commercial flight from the U.S. landed in Cuba, ending a longtime Cold War-era ban

Fidel Castro Bashes Obama in Letter

The Cuban leader took to state-controlled media to criticize the U.S. president

President Obama Tangos, Critics Pounce

The POTUS tangoed in Argentina, but his detractors had their say

Chicago Jazz Philharmonic Makes History

Philharmonic engaged in a musical exchange with Cuban musicians

U.S. Flag Flies High in Cuba for 1st Time in ...

US flag flew over newly reopened U.S. Embassy in Cuba

U.S., Cuba Ties Restored

New era in ties begins as Cuba raises flag at Embassy in US

Carnival Cruise Adds Cuba to its Itinerary

Learn how you can board the ship

President to Announce Agreement With Cuba

Embassies in embassies in Washington and Havana to open July 20.

Cuba Returning Assata Shakur? A No-Go

Cuban officials says it's "off the table"

Major League Baseball’s “Cuban Comet” Dies At 90

Chicago White Sox player Minnie Minoso broke barriers

Cuba Releases 53 Political Prisoners

The release completes part of the U.S. deal

President Obama’s New Course on Cuba

Obama: "Isolation Has Not Worked"

Investigation Request of Beyoncé, Jay-Z Cuba Trip

Leave it to power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z to turn a sweet anniversary retreat into an international scandal. According to HipHopWired, two Florida Republicans have ...