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Trump Threatens to ‘Send in the Feds’ to Chicago

The president issued the warning citing recent crime figures.

Violent Crime Sees Increase, Report Says

The FBI' Uniform Crime Report shows blip in violent crime trend

Obama condemns Trump’s U.S. criticism

President Obama will let the American people judge.

Michael Jace Sentenced In Wife’s Murder

The actor's tragic tale has come to an end.

Chicago LaQuan McDonald Protests Paying Off?

Video recap reveals exactly how protesters locked down the Magnificent Mile

Chicago Activists Meet to End City’s Injustices

Chicago activists hold court to tackle citywide issues and injustices

PHOTOS LaQuan McDonald Protest in Chicago

Following the release of the LaQuan McDonald dash cam video, protesters filled the streets of Chicago Tuesday night. Here are photos from the march, and ...

VIDEO: Police, Protesters Clash in Chicago

Police, protesters collide after release of shocking footage

Clip: Chicago Protesters Demand Accountability

Protesters ask for citizens and law enforcement officials to put an end to systematic oppression

New Orleans Rape Victim Awaits Justice

It's been 18 years of shoddy police work to find her attacker

FBI Investigate Wu-Tang Clan Members

FBI searching for members connection to a 1999 case

Teaser: The People vs. OJ Simpson

Get a peak into the chaos in this chilling teaser

Exonerated Man Shot Dead After Being Released

Alprentiss Nash was wrongfully convicted of killing Leon Stroud

Aaron Hernandez Found Guilty of Murder

First-degree murder conviction carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison

Women Sentenced in James Anderson Hate Killing

Instead of hanging with friends these teen girls will be hanging out in prison

Aryan Nation Inmate Threatens OJ Simpson’s Life

Simpson, habitual line stepper, steps on another line

Marissa Alexander Speaks Out

Finally out of prison and telling her story

Mother Who Left Kids In Hot Car Pleads Guilty

Shanesha Taylor never established trust from the $114k in donations she received

Meth Lab Discovered in Wal-Mart Restroom

"Breaking Bad" in the bathroom?

Shooting at Lil Wayne’s House A Hoax

Police say: No gunman, no victims, no shooting