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Mother Sues CPS After 6-year-old Handcuffed

According to the lawsuit, the guard used excessive force and intentionally inflicted emotional distress

CPS Head Warns Schools Might Not Open in Fall

State's lawmakers still cannot agree on a budget for school district

Lead Found in Water At CPS School

One school tested positive for lead contamination in three of its fountains

CPS Issues New LGBT Guidelines

New guidelines will support transgender students, employees and adults

Teen Makes History With Division I Scholarship

Now here's a happy headline!

Chicago Public School Closings Overwhelmingly Affect Black Students

According to an analysis conducted by the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Public Schools' plan to consolidate 80 schools over the next two years disproportionately affects ...

Chicago Schools Bribe Parents With $25 Gift Cards

Chicago Public Schools offering $25 Walgreens gift cards to parents for involvement.