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Trump Calls for Investigation of Mass Voter Fraud

The president believes millions voted illegally in November, despite lack of evidence.

Observing the Backlash Against Jeff Sessions

Sen. Cory Booker and Rep. John Lewis outlined exactly why the Alabama senator should not be attorney general

John Lewis, Cory Booker Address Sessions Hearing

The two Congressmen were among several who opposed the confirmation of Sen. Jeff Sessions at Attorney General

[WATCH LIVE] Sen. Jeff Sessions Nomination Hearings

The Alabama senator has been a controversial choice for Attorney General since his nomination

Republicans Seek to Push Through Term Limits

Sen. Ted Cruz wants to bring term limits to Congress, but there is some GOP opposition

Utah’s Mia Love Possible Pick for House Leadership

The Salt Lake City representative is reportedly exploring an important new political position

Keith Ellison’s DNC Run Draws Support, Critics

While Democrats praised him, the right wing attacked almost instantly

Democrats End Gun Control Sit-In

The protest action continued through the night and shows no sign of ending

Senate Gears for Gun Control Showdown

A battle over a proposed gun control measure is expected to heat up Monday evening

Report: NFL Tried to Muscle Fed Brain Disease Study

A Congressman says the league tried to strongarm the National Institutes of Health

Obama Casts Legacy in Final State of the Union Address

The president forged a vision for America after he leaves office

U.S. Navy to Name Ship After Rep. John Lewis

The vessel will be part of a new fleet

House Speaker Joe Boehner Announces Resignation

Political figure to step down in October

Pope at Congress for Historic Speech

Calls for climate change, welcoming of immigrants

Photo Tribute to Louis Stokes

Rest in peace and power

Loretta Lynch Confirmation Block Lifted

Tuesday's deal should clear the way for the long-stalled vote on attorney general nominee.

#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Launch 9-Day March

Protesters seek justice with #BlackLivesMatter march and rally

Supreme Court to Decide Obamacare’s Intent

Do we have health care for all or health care for some?

Obama Defies GOP; Vetoes Keystone

The president followed through with his threat

President Obama Sends Record Budget to Congress

Read the details and find out how it would affect you

Voting Time: Show Us Your Proof at the Poll

Did You Vote? Show Us Your #PollProof