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Another Day, Another Sequel We Don’t Need

Ice Cube just confirmed the final Friday sequel, and we’re not exactly jumping for joy.

Chris Tucker Sued for Netflix Comedy Special

Comedian Terry Hodges claims he is owed funds for role in comedy special

WATCH: ‘Chris Tucker Live’ Trailer

The project is set to debut on Netflix

‘Chris Tucker Live’ Heads To Netflix

This will be the award-winning actor's first comedy special


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Chris Tucker Owes $14M in Taxes

The comedian has reportedly reached an agreement with the IRS

10 Best Cop Buddy Films

What's your favorite two-man pairing of great actors in cop capers

5 Great Duos We’d Like To See Back Together

A collection of the greatest black duos of all time that haven't reunited... yet

Chris Tucker Set to Host 2013 BET Awards

Chris Tucker Will Host 2013 BET Awards in Los Angeles, June 30.

‘Friday’: The British Version

By// Raven Craig Everybody loves Friday, including the United Kingdom. British director Sebastian Thiel has re-created snippets of the original Friday film that will be released ...

Comedian Chris Tucker changes the playbook

After a five-year film hiatus, this funny-man has returned to the big-screen in an atypical role.

5 comedy tours you don’t want to miss

By// Mariah Craddick If laughter is truly the best medicine these comedians are just want the doctor ordered. Here are some of the funniest Black ...