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NY Mayor Says Garner’s Death ‘Not in Vain’

de Blasio: This is a new chapter in our relationship between the police and our communities

Garner Family to Hold Conference on Settlement

Settlement comes days before anniversary of chokehold death

Mistrial for Former Police Chief Who Killed Black Father

Another case, another disappointment for Black Lives Matter movement

Police Probe Eric Garner Chokehold Case

Investigation could lead to public trial, dismissal, forced retirement

What Do I Tell My Black Son?

RapRehab contributor struggles to explain why Black life seems expendable

Cop in Tamir Rice Shooting Had “Dismal” Handgun Skills? report reveals startling allegations about Tim Loehmann

Decision in Eric Garner Chokehold Case

Family member: Non-indictment a "license to kill a Black man"

NY Police Chokehold Death to Go to Grand Jury

Eric Garner died of an apparent chokehold by an NYPD officer last month


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Wife Of Chokehold Filmer Arrested

Ms. Ortiz faces a misdemeanor assault charge

Eric Garner’s Death Caused by Police Chokehold

The medical examiner has ruled his death a homicide

WATCH: Attorney General Eric Holder on PBS

The episode will premiere Thursday, July 31


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NYPD Officer Puts Pregnant Woman in Chokehold

This is the second known incident caught on tape

Eric Garner’s Widow Demands Justice

New York man died in police custody earlier this month

NY Church Holds Prayer Service for Eric Garner

Garner died in police custody last week

Father Dies After Being Put in Chokehold by Police

NYPD is investigating the confrontation