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Power of the union protests

After starting its first strike in 25 years over a week ago, the Chicago Teachers Union have voted to temporarily suspend its strike. The protests ...

Chicago teachers vote to return to schools

Union delegates voted to suspend the strike; classes could resume Wednesday.

Chicago teachers to again consider ending strike

Outside observers said tentative contract appears to be a win on the merits for union

Negotiators have ‘framework’ to end Chicago strike

Weekend will be used to work out details before union delegates vote on the package

Chicago teachers strike continues

During the first week of Chicago Teachers Union strike — the first to occur in 25 years — teachers and supporters march to make their message ...

Progress in Chicago teacher strike talks

CHICAGO — Negotiations between union and school officials in the nation’s third-largest school district resumed Thursday with an air of optimism and signals that a ...

Chicago teachers union president is brash advocate

She's also a whip-smart Ivy League graduate with a distinguished classroom record

Chicago teacher strike poses test for unions

Expert: After decades of member growth & influence, unions now are in weaker position

Chicago Teachers Union goes on strike

Chicago Public Schools sees its first teachers strike in 25 years