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“You’re More Than Just an Artist to Us” Chicago Public ...

If you turn on the news right now, the city of Chicago is being depicted as a literal war zone. From homicides that are killing ...

Negotiations Continue as CPS Teacher Strike Looms

As deadline fast approaches, thousdands of students could miss school

Brands Band with Lolla To Help Chicago Schools

Toyota, VH1 Save The Music get creative with music education

Eyes on Ebony: Must-Reads of the Week

Three of the hottest headlines from our sister site

Chicago Public School Closings Overwhelmingly Affect Black Students

According to an analysis conducted by the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Public Schools' plan to consolidate 80 schools over the next two years disproportionately affects ...

Chicago Schools Bribe Parents With $25 Gift Cards

Chicago Public Schools offering $25 Walgreens gift cards to parents for involvement.

Chicago schools CEO replaced

CHICAGO  — Just three weeks after the resolution of Chicago’s first teachers’ strike in a quarter-century, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s efforts to improve schools face more ...