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19-Year-Old Detroit Teen Accidentally Shoots Cops He Thought Were Burglars-Charged ...

In an unfortunate incident, 19-year-old Juwan Alexander Plummer’s life has been turned upside down.

Swastika Painted on NFL Star’s Home

Nikita Whitlock: "Oppression, violence, racism, hatred, there's no need for that"

Iowa Paper Reveals Racial Bias

Opted to run white burglars' yearbook photos instead of mugshots like black suspects

Man breaks Into Woman’s Apartment, Demands Meal

A Santa Ana man burglarizes two homes in the same apartment complex, demands woman in one to cook him a meal while he ingested narcotics. ...

LL Cool J burglary suspect pleads not guilty

LOS ANGELES — The man accused of breaking into LL Cool J’s home has pleaded not guilty to a felony burglary charge. Jonathan E. Kirby ...