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Simone Biles Starts Out with Olympic Dazzle

The US Olympic Gymnastics Team got off to a strong competitive start led by an almost perfect vault in the all-around qualifying round on Sunday

Black Lives Matter Takes Cause Abroad

"You are not alone here in Brazil. We are you. You are us"

Zika Virus Exploding in Latin America

The virus, which is spread through mosquito bites, could have 4 million cases this year

Watch: Rihanna Rocks Out in Rio

RiRi in Rio had fans feeling some type of way

Joe Jackson Hospitalized

Jackson was admitted Sunday afternoon

Anti-Racism Parades at Rio Carnival

Celebration calls for more racial integration in the South American country

‘Black Orpheus’ is Coming to Broadway

Pulitzer-winning playwright Lynn Nottage is set to write the script

WHAT YEAR IS THIS? Blackface at the World Cup

Even the "fun" FIFA World Cup produces un-fun events.

Brazil Leader Wants More Jobs for Blacks

President Dilma Rousseff demands racial quota for government jobs