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UW Student Pleads Guilty to Black Church Arson

33-year-old Daniel Dropik pleaded guilty after setting two predominantly Black churches on fire

Black Workers File Suit Against CNN, Time Warner

Turner Broadcasting Company also listed in suit

Mildred Loving’s Grandson Says She Wasn’t Black

Grandson of America's first nationally recognized interracial couple says claims are wrong

HBCUs Still Matter. Here’s How You Can Help Them

Historically Black Colleges and Universities are still necessary despite our gains

Pokémon Go Game Results in Dangerous Encounter

University of Iowa player had guns drawn on him by police

MI Professor: ‘Blacks Only’ Nation Fairly Easy

Professor Christian Davenport doesn't think it will be that difficult

In the U.S., Black Imprisonment Rate Rises

Report encourages country's justice system to take a closer look at racial, ethnic disparities

JET Daddy: Meet Euclid Williamson

Euclid Williamson is more than a father. He's a father figure

Lawsuit: Boys Drag Black Girl By Neck With Rope

12-year-old girl suffered severe injuries from attack

Large Gaps in Black College Readiness Persist

New report reveals bittersweet news on Black student college readiness

Moving While Black: 5 Tips to Relocating

Moving while Black can be stressful. Here are some tips to make the transition easier

Stomping the Yard: Be An Undergrad Entrepreneur

Here's how students can create their own jobs

Sheriff Defends Confederate Monument

Black sheriff says no to demolition of Confederate monument in Kentucky

Papa Pope! ‘Scandal’ Star Speaks

Joe Morton talked with us about his new play, views on Blacks in lead TV roles

In Response to a Cop’s Cry

Why this concerned parent shouldn't be so worried

Talk Back: I Am Sandra Bland

A gun can take a life, but it cannot stop a life

MAC’s IG Page Sees Racist Comments

Such a beautiful image prompted so many ugly comments

Poll: States With Most Politically Engaged Blacks

Report reveals states with best, worst Black voter turnout

Report: Blacks Choose Low-Paying Majors

Decision greatly contributes to income gap.

Bill Clinton: ‘We Are All Mixed-Raced’

Clinton is the latest white public figure to embrace his "blackness" SMH