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Meet Charaleena Lyles, the 451th Person Killed by Police

30-year-old Charleena Lyles died after calling police to report a burglary on Sunday, officials say

Study: Explicit Bias Against Black Women’s Hair

Study suggests that Americans, regardless of race and gender all have negative view of textured hair

Black Woman to Be Lady Liberty on New Coin

The coin is part of a new series of $100 gold pieces.

Customer Leaves ‘Don’t Tip Black People’ on Receipt

Couple left racist message instead of tip for Black waitress

Viola Desmond Honored With Canadian Banknote

Woman hailed as "Canada's Rosa Parks" honored with bill feature

Watch: ‘N**ger’ Spray-painted on Woman’s Home

Mother of three's vehicle was also vandalized, gas tank laced with sugar

Chicago Man Hurls Racial Slurs At Woman

Woman was subjected to foul, derogatory language during walk home earlier this week

Talk Back: I Am Not a Single Story

Reader shares why she will not be reduced to a stereotype


Plus, we give one group cooking credit where it's due