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Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Response to Trump Comments

"This country is rich with an ugly past characterized by genocide, slavery and rooted in white supremacist values"

Halle Berry Wants Folks to “Walk the Walk” When It ...

It’s become pretty standard now for Black celebrities to get asked about the Black Lives Matter movement during an interview. Actress Halle Berry recently gave ...

A Six-Year-Old’s Mistreatment In A Toronto School Leads to Black ...

Toronto is the latest city to see a Black Lives Matter protest. This stems from an incident taking place back in September at a Toronto ...

‘Whose Streets?’ Is The Quintessential Doc On Black Lives Matter

If Black Lives Matter has proved one thing it’s that “We won’t go quietly!”

Jay-Z Is Bringing Trayvon Martin’s Life & Legacy To The ...

Jay-Z and The Weinstein Company are about to pay tribute to Trayvon Martin in the most amazing way.

Study: Police Feel Negatively About #BLM Movt.

A large portion of police officers surveyed feel movement is unnecessary, overblown

Judge: NYPD Must Turn Over #BLM Surveillance

Recordings and other materials related a series of New York City protests must be revealed.

Lawyer Fired for Black Lives Matter Tie

Lawyer who worked for the public defender's office says he was unfairly discriminated against

Black Lives Matter Protest Prompts Complaint

Protesters say their race motivated police to ban them from rallying at Graceland

Black Lives Matter Promotes Black Businesses

Movement seeks to make it a little easier for consumers to frequent Black-owned businesses

Walmart Stops Selling Black Lives Matter Shirts

Store stops selling merchandise after letter from Fraternal Order of Police president

Community Criticism Leads to New Police Chief

The city has long faced criticism for its department's use of excessive force

Sevyn Streeter Blocked From Singing Anthem

...due to the statement on her jersey

Activists Clash With Cops As Council OKs Contract

Demonstrators arrested as they attempted to stop the passing of law that raises police pay

Floyd Mayweather on “All Lives Matter” Kick

He doesn't seem to get the reasons people say "Black Lives Matter"

Kaepernick Named 49ers Starting QB

The team's move comes amid the controversial protests during the national anthem

Activists Arrested Over Video Of Cop Stomping Man

Video footage reportedly shows a police officer stomping a handcuffed man

Trump Hotel Tagged With ‘Black Lives Matter’

A video of the act of vandalism was also caught on camera