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Judge Makes Crucial Decision in Cosby Trial

Only one accuser out of 13 the prosecution wanted will be able to testify against him.

Bill Cosby Greets Court Officers With ‘Joke’

78-year-old comedian reportedly tell security officers, "Don't tase me bro"

Prosecutor Accuses Cosby’s Lawyer of Intimidation

Things get heated as comedian stands trial for sexual assault

Cosby Arrives At Sexual Assault Pre-Trial Hearing

Pre-trial hearing stems from allegations brought forth by Andrea Constand

Judge Hints at Bill Cosby Trial Date

Prosecutors push for accusers to testify in case

Cosby Lawyers Go After Accuser

Andrea Constand is accused of violating a confidential agreement between the two.

Cosby to Stand Trial for Sexual Assault

78-year-old star faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted

Cosby Litigation Cases Both Broad and Complex

The cases are taking up a legal army and the TV star may feel he has nothing to lose

Cosby Hopes to Reseal Damaging Testimony

Lawyers want to reverse the release of the decade-old court deposition

Cosby Case Proceeds As Planned After Ruling

Judge ruled that star will not be granted immunity

Cosby: 2nd Lawsuit Could Be Dropped Soon

Attorney says comedian was granted "unwritten immunity" in case of Andrea Constand

Cosby Lawyers Want Case Thrown Out

Lawyers push to get sexual assault case thrown out

Bill Cosby Ex-Prosecutor Sued

Andrea Constand met two months ago with detectives from suburban Philadelphia.