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Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Response to Trump Comments

"This country is rich with an ugly past characterized by genocide, slavery and rooted in white supremacist values"

Study: Police Feel Negatively About #BLM Movt.

A large portion of police officers surveyed feel movement is unnecessary, overblown

My Letter to President Donald Trump

[OPINION] If President Trump were listening, this is what I'd say

U.S. Imprisonment Rate Reaches 20-year Low

The U.S. prison population now stands at its lowest in almost four decades

Racism is Conditional

Two different countries, two vastly different histories

The Public Schools All Our Students Deserve

[Op-Ed] Public education is the road to opportunity and the path to economic and racial justice

President Obama Grants 111 More Commutations

President continues to back up commitment to criminal justice reform

MI Professor: ‘Blacks Only’ Nation Fairly Easy

Professor Christian Davenport doesn't think it will be that difficult

Report Calls for More Diverse Leaders

Political diversity report reveals just how scarce people of color are in positions

Blacks, Whites Disagree on Race, Inequality

In a world that appears to be changing, the need to improve on race relations remains the same

In the U.S., Black Imprisonment Rate Rises

Report encourages country's justice system to take a closer look at racial, ethnic disparities

Report: Most Racist Colleges in America

Click here to find out if your school is on the list

Survey: Afro Latinos Likely to Identify As White

Most Afro-Latinos in country identify as "white"

Google Donates $1M to Racial Justice Efforts

Internet service company donates to nonprofit meant to help spark awareness about race

Obama to Release $4 Trillion Budget

President to unveil his eighth and final budget Tuesday

Obama Wants $1.8 Billion to Combat Zika

Some of the money would also aid Zika-stricken countries and territories

UN ‘Extremely Concerned’ About Blacks in U.S.

In statement, UN calls country out for unfair treatment of Black people

Confirmed: Zika Spread Through Intercourse

1st known case confirmed by CDC on Tuesday

Study: Blacks Less Likely To Be Millionaires

Chances of Blacks becoming wealthy drastically different from those of whites

Talk Back: Survival Lessons

On being Black in America

President Obama Unveils Gun Control Plan

POTUS reveals plan to toughen gun laws