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ATLisReady Movement Presses On

Georgia activists vow to continue "Civil Disobedience"

BLM Activist Turns Down White House Invite

"I could not, with any integrity, participate in such a sham"

Activists Call for LeBron James to Boycott

Ohio activists want NBA star involved in police protest

LaQuan McDonald: Mayor to Meet With Activists

Video footage of deadly incident expected to be released this week

Anonymous Publishes Alleged KKK Member Details

Group reportedly released phone numbers, emails of klan members

Hillary Clinton Meeting with Black Lives Matter

Presidential hopeful, activist to work on "urgent" issues

Watch: Protesters Confront Hillary Clinton

Black Lives Matter protesters are fed up with the state of America

4th Night of Ferguson Protests Brings Tension

23 arrested, no incidents of violence reported

NY Mayor Says Garner’s Death ‘Not in Vain’

de Blasio: This is a new chapter in our relationship between the police and our communities

Activists Call for Ferguson Probe

Second hearing scheduled for May 29.

Kanye West: ‘I’m An Activist’

Star pushes boundaries in controversial interview

WATCH: Harry Belafonte Issues Challenge

Legendary actor and activist challenges the heavy-hitters of Hollywood