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Once Again, Rihanna Shows Us Why She’s THAT Girl

Grammy Award-winning singer has been using her platform—and influence—to directly sent tweets to leaders from all over the globe

More Action for Women’s March Organizers

Organizers behind anti-Trump inaugural protest on Washington announces "general strike"

SNCC Legacy Project Backs #BlackLivesMatter

"To today’s #BlackLivesMatter, ‘Ya’ll take if from here!”

#WearOrange: ‘Party for Peace’ Set for Today

Group is encouraging everyone to wear orange as a symbol of peace

Night Cap: DeRay McKesson on ‘Colbert’

Watch him school the host on white privilege

Coming Soon: Black Girls Rock! Africa

Empowerment movement is expanding

Stomping the Yard: Black Students,White Spaces

The struggle to survive at predominantly white institutions

Towson University Protest Ends With Change

Student activists got their list of demands reviewed, agreed on

#StudentBlackOut Movt. Demands Justice

Movement meant to spark change, raise awareness

One Year Later: Justice for Tamir Rice

Activists plan weekend of remembrance for slain child

SC College Students Walk Out for Equality

Students create list of demands for school administration

MU Votes on Professor Who Blocked Journalists

Melissa Click could lose her job at the institution

#MizzouHungerStrike: ‘Black Lives Matter’

Black students at MU have had enough

Black Bodies: Songs On America’s Moral Authority

Three music videos that illustrate the societal landscape and prominence of #BlackLivesMatter

Usher and Harry Belafonte talk activism

Singer engages candid conversation with an icon on socio-political movement and change

#BlackLivesMatter Calls For BLM-Themed Debate

Actvists call for more debates on Black issues

Black Lives Matter Members Respond to FOX

"Black Lives Matter is a Love group"

Race Talk: What It Means To Be Black in 2015

An expert on race and identity in America

A Look At The Evolution of Black Lives Matter

The growing pains of going from hashtag to movement