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Trump Calls for Investigation of Mass Voter Fraud

The president believes millions voted illegally in November, despite lack of evidence.

Election Vote Recounts Begin in 3 States

After disputes over the actual number of votes in crucial states, ballots are being counted again.

Kanye West Said He Would Have Voted for Who?

Yeezy revealed who he would have voted for in the 2016 election -- if he had voted.

Hillary Clinton To Supporters: ‘America Is Worth It’

Emerging from a devastating loss, Clinton was encouraging despite the outcome of the election.

Voters Strengthened Civilian Oversight Initiatives

Ballot measures in several cities were passed to create or strengthen civilian oversight of law enforcement

When You Talk to Your Kids on the Election…

Every parent has a duty to help their kids to understand what happened

Nation Explodes in Anti-Trump Protests

Angry protesters took to the streets on Wednesday to shout their frustration

SCOTUS Won’t Issue Voter Intimidation Order

The Supreme Court told Ohio Democrats the state already has a preventative law in place

We’re With Her

[Editorial]'s leadership shares why they are voting for HRC and why you should do the same

DeRay Mckesson Endorses Hillary Clinton

The activist lays out his reasoning in an op-ed.

Colin Powell Says He Will Vote for Clinton

The support is a turnaround from earlier criticisms

Trump & the Revenge of the White Women

[OPINION] They will stay silent, until you talk about them

Are You Registered To Vote? If Not, Here’s How

Today is the LAST day for many states.

7 Cool Tweets for National Voter Registration Day

The Twitterverse is encouraging everybody to sign up and be counted

Trump Camp: Yes, Obama Was Born in U.S.

The GOP presidential candidate blamed Hillary Clinton for starting the "birther" movement

Clinton to Open More Records on Her Health

The Democratic nominee is surrounded by questions on her wellness after an abrupt exit

DNC Delegates Mostly OK with Kaine as VP Pick

But some progressives who supported Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters are critical of the choice

Uh, What? Herman Cain Says Trump ‘Not Racist’

The 2012 presidential candidate insists he knows what a racist is and says Trump isn't

Trump Clinches Number for GOP Nomination

Once seen as an unlikely contender, the billionaire now has the party nod at his feet

Donald Trump Under Fire After Abortion Comments

Trump is doubling back on his comments after saying he thinks women who get abortions should be punished by law