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Tickets Available For Obama’s Second Inaugural Ball

A limited amount of tickets to Barack Obama's second Inaugural Ball will be made available to the public.

Tavis Smiley writes about the Black vote

Talk show host and political commentator Tavis Smiley shares his thoughts on the limited coverage of Black voters in the 2012 presidential election.

Donald Trump Deletes Anti-Obama Tweets

Donald Trump has deleted some of the Twitter tirade he posted following President Barack Obama's re-election, and added new critiques of NBC's Brian Williams.

N.J. extends email voting to Friday for displaced

New Jersey officials decided to give some voters extra time to cast election ballots due to Sandy.

Couple Encounters Romney-Prone Voting Machine

An electronic voting machine in Pennsylvania highlights Romney when Obama is selected.

9 Black Politicos Behind President Obama’s Campaign

A roundup of the African-Americans of note in the President's re-election campaign

Exclusive: Dwyane Wade Writes About Obama’s importance

While stumping with Gabrielle Union for Barack Obama, Dwyane Wade wrote and exclusive essay for JET about the President Obama's power in all of its ...

Candidates pursue last votes in close race

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney exhaust all options in pursuit of every possible vote before Election Day.

Campaign 2012 Series Pt. 3 – Examining Women’s votes

JET examines three groups of constituents that candidates are trying to woo and look at how they relate to Black Americans.

Obama: Romney is not an agent of change

President Barack Obama is asking for four more years to complete changes he's been trying to usher in since his election

Campaign 2012 Series Pt. 2 – Examining The Latino vote

Latino advocacy groups have successfully influenced policy, but the community also is tackling external and internal obstacles.

Obama to resume campaigning on Thursday

President Barack Obama plans to return to the campaign trail on Thursday with stops in Wisconsin, Nevada and Colorado.

Campaign 2012 Series Pt. 1 – Examining The LGBT Vote

JET examines three groups of constituents that candidates are trying to woo and look at how they relate to Black Americans, starting with LGBT.

Obama Addresses Trump, Debates, More With Leno

President Barack Obama hits up The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to talk about his campaign and baseball, of course.

Team Obama hopes veep debate halts GOP momentum

DANVILLE, Ky. — Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan pull up a couple of chairs for a vice presidential debate that has mushroomed in importance since ...

Presidential race rumbles into final month

LOS ANGELES — Rumbling into its final four weeks, the presidential campaign is playing out on both coasts and multiple fronts, with Republican Mitt Romney seeking stature on foreign affairs and PresidentBarack Obama ...

Most intriguing presidential debate issue?

While the presidential debates start on Oct. 3, the country waits to hear President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s thoughts on the biggest issues facing ...

Judge halts Pa.’s tough voter ID requirement

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A judge on Tuesday blocked Pennsylvania’s divisive voter identification requirement from going into effect on Election Day, delivering a hard-fought victory to ...

Obama, Romney hunker down for debate prep

HENDERSON, Nev.  — Nearing their first face-off, President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romneyare hunkering down for intense preparations ahead of Wednesday’s presidential debate, where the GOP nominee hopes to change the ...

Wake-up call? Jackson ad replete with bleeps

The commercial — entitled "Wake the **** Up" — is sure to get people talking