Racks on Racks: 5 Ways to Cash Out Your Closet

By//Jessica Paris

We’ve all got that pair of shoes that we’ve barely stepped out in or that out-of-season outfit with the tags still on it hanging on for dear life in the back of the closet. Instead of leaving these items to collect more dust, why not transform your impulse purchases and rarely used attire into a return investment. Check out these these clothing resale websites for ways to turn your cluttered closet into a instant cash cow.

closet fullest


Not sales-savvy? No, worries. This site does the hard part for you. Just send in a snapshot of your unwanted designer duds, ship them off as they sell and reap the monetary benefits.
Be mindful that you’ll be charged a $5 transaction fee once item sells.

Bib + Tuck

Not able to sell your oldie, but goodie garments? Become a member of this invite only give-and-take shop and you’ll be swapping secondhand pieces with fellow fashion fiends for free ninety-nine before you know it.


Rummage through your heap of high and low-end hand-me-downs, create a listing and let this online boutique handle the rest. They enhance your item’s photo, deal with messy returns, even sponsor shipping. All there is for you to do is just sit back and get paid, of course, there’s a 9% transaction fee on your sale so price wisely.


Ditch the swap meet! List thrift-worthy threads on this “fashion eBay” yourself or use their “White Glove Service” and barely lift a finger. Just mail in a box full of your retired rags and get 80% of the profit in your pocket if you’re willing to work and create your own listings. You’ll retain only 60% of the cash if you use the gloved version, which includes reviewing your goods and crafting the descriptions.

Material Wrld

Rack up fashion-junkie followers on this Pinterest-themed consignment hub to showcase your swag or put a price tag your pre-loved items and post to find them a new home.
Be aware that the site snatches up a 15% after sale profit on your sold stuff.

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