YWCA Launches ‘Stand Against Racism’

It seems that everyday, in some way, we are fighting to end racism, social and political injustice. It’s a continuous struggle and a topic that has sparked wide attention and more aggressive approaches as the lives of Black men are under attack and prejudices fuel the motives of many in society.

Opening the conversation even more, is the YWCA USA and their “Stand Against Racism” campaign that kicked off today, April 23 and runs through April 26.

With events spread across 44 states and sponsored by the District of Columbia, the campaign launched with intent to encourage dialogue and identify solutions to eliminate racism and promote freedom and justice.

“”Stand Against Racism”, is a signature campaign designed to build a strong community and partnership between those who are working to achieve racial and social justice,” YWCA’s CEO Dr. Dara Richardson-Heron told Black Enterprise.

In addition, the goal extends to raise awareness about the negative impact that both institutional and structural racism has on today’s society. An emphasis is also placed on the issue of women as targets of racial profiling.

Get more information on the campaign and how you can be involved, here!